Kitten News 1/28/18: Patreon Launch, New Projects, Happy Kittens

Happy Sunday everyone!

We have a lot of exciting news to share this Kitten News Update, so lets get down to the most important news first – Lucy’s “peanut” litter and their first week or so with us. Lucy has gotten much more comfortable with us, and hanging around the Kitten Room in general, even nursing for a few minutes every so often. Charlie has begun showing off his voracious appetite by joining Mom in the occasional can of wet food. In an almost certainly unrelated case, Charlie is also wanted for questioning regarding an altercation involving a bag of kitten food that was found in the middle of the room. Patty has enjoyed a wonderful recovery from her previously goopy eye-infection, and now enjoys helping Snoopy with the intriguing “ball pyramid”. Snoopy’s eye infection is improving slowly, there isn’t any further discharge, and we’ve been treating it with a series of antibiotics and medicated ointment. Little Sally has spent every minute not sleeping, playing – and of course, gaining weight.

After a few days Patty has been able to open her gorgeous eyes!


Now that we can set those paws aside, lets talk about the other exciting Kitten News this week:

We have officially launched our Patreon page, which can be found by clicking here as well as on our How to Help page.

In broad terms, Patreon is a membership platform where people work together to support an individual or a cause through small monthly contributions towards a common goal. As a member or “Patron” you’ll have access to a number of “tiers” of rewards – these involve having access to new kitten videos before they arrive here or on Instagram, the ability to vote in polls on potential kitten names, along with the option to have your name put up in the Kitten Room if you pledge $15 or more.

We hope to use our Patreon page to build support for the shelters we work with, as well as provide better care to all the Momcats and litters we’ll get in the future. We have a lot of hopeful ambitions with the Kitten Room, and we would love to be able to build it into an absolute kitten paradise. You can find more information about our goals and rewards on our Patreon page.

As for the mysterious “projects” we keep referring to, most questions we’ll receive on our Instagram involve the proper care of foster kittens, whether it’s how to handle a particular illness, or just the basic steps involved in caring for a kitten in need. Within the next few weeks we hope to add a page on our site, Kitten Care 101, that will aim to answer many of the questions we receive, and hopefully provide a reliable, complete and informative guide for any potential foster.

Along with this, we will also begin filming longer and more up-close videos of our foster kittens as they grow, play, and hold still long enough for our cameras to focus. The result of these filming sessions will eventually be put into a compilation and posted first on our Patreon, and then on this site. If all goes to plan, we will eventually be featuring videos of previous litters, in sort of a “best ofs” later on in the coming weeks.

As always, stay tuned on our Instagram feed for you dose of daily purr, and keep an eye out for our weekly news updates – posted on Patreon every Sunday.

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