New year, new kittens, new ways to help

New year, new kittens, new ways to help

Welcome! What an exciting first month of 2018 it has been. We’ve redesigned our site, started work on a number of fun kitten-related projects, launched a Patreon page, where we hope to further our support for kittens and shelters in need, and OF COURSE welcomed in a wonderful momcat and her litter of 4 extraordinarily lucky kittens.

First things first, lets talk about Lucy and her “peanuts” litter – Snoopy, Charlie, Patty, and Sally. These babies came to us with upper respiratory infections. This is fairly common in foster kittens that live outside for an extended period of time, but we were prepared with an array of antibiotics, medicated eye ointment, saline solution, and gauze for their goopy eyes. They were found living under a trailer in a trailer park and are about 3 weeks old, they were brought in to the Humane Society of Whitley County this past Tuesday (1/15/18) where the staff had been treating them for their infections until we welcomed them in on Friday (1/19/18).

At first Lucy was a little cautious with us, but once we gave her some love and a healthy helping of food she warmed up to be quite the affectionate young cat! We had been told that she had stopped nursing her kittens while in the shelter, but later in the evening after some rest and kitten milk replacer , all 4 kittens were happily latched on. Its so much more helpful for a litter’s health if they’re nursing from their mother. To her credit, Lucy’s had it rough as a mom, pre-natal care in kittens can really come down to the environment and the quality and quantity of food available, which sadly in her case wasn’t the most ideal. She also has tapeworms, which she was treated for at the shelter along with fleas, but it takes some time for the worms to be completely killed off, so she’ll still have a hearty appetite for the next couple days.

It’s all paws on deck for a lunch with mom!

Charlie – is a full half pound larger, and because of that, he’s a bit of a bully. At this point in their lives, kittens are playing and learning – part of this is what’s an appropriate level of rough play, and being so much bigger compared to his siblings, it can be a harder obstacle for him to overcome.

Snoopy – As the runt of the litter, he’s sometimes the subject of many rough play sessions with Charlie. He has one infected eye, but it’s already improving, and is an absolute cuddle-bug. He is in competition with his sister Sally for the kitten with the most roly-poly factor. 

Sally has no infected eyes, she’s a tiny girl, and is the only kitten who hasn’t gained any weight yet. She has nursed once, and likes to sleep cuddled up with her siblings – only after hunting and pouncing on them all day, of course.

Patty – her eyes are partly open now, when we first got her in they were nearly sealed shut.  Initially we were worried she couldn’t see at all, but she has absolutely no trouble climbing the cat tree tower where she likes to sit and survey her playground. 

We have had a couple of bathroom incidents, (a new toy the subject of an impromptu litterbox). Since the kittens are only around 4 weeks of age, they’re right about at the time when they’re tackling the troubles of proper litter box etiquette. However we’re in luck, Kittens learn most of their potty-training from their moms, so in the next few days they’ll hopefully shoot a little closer to home. In fact, last evening the 4 kittens joined mom at one point in the same litter box, a fun family bonding experience!

This first Kitten Update post is coming out a little later than expected, normally we’d like to have these news posts every Sunday or so, but as we’ve been busy with the new litter and other projects, I guess we’ll just have to have another update this Sunday instead.

Stay tuned in on any moment-to-moment kitten news by following @kitten_faces on Instagram, and keep an eye out in the next few days for further posts about our Patreon page, more details about our future kitten-projects, and more updates on Lucy and her Peanuts!

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