About the "Kitten Mom"

Nearly 4 and a half years ago, with no more children to raise, I began fostering mom-cats and kittens from the Allen County SPCA as a way to fill our home and help animals in need. 129 cats and kittens later, it’s been a big commitment, but I’ve come to look at fostering as saving two lives, foster kittens themselves, and the giving the shelter a space for another cat in need.

As I fostered more litters I began to use Instagram as a way to keep track of all the furry faces I’ve met, a few years later I now have the fortune of over 200 thousand followers on this journey. It’s been an amazing experience connecting with such a supportive network of cat-lovers. We troubleshoot each other’s litters, trade tips, laugh about litter box woes, and with such a following we’ve been able to help foster kittens find homes across state lines, and even stay in contact with former foster kittens.

As a foster kitten mom, I am responsible for the kittens until they are healthy enough to be spayed or neutered, which is usually when the kittens are eight to 10 weeks old and/or weigh about 2 pounds. Foster kittens are brought into the ACSPCA or HSRC in all conditions, from the healthiest and pudgiest, to ones in need of intensive care, or pregnant cats that need a safe private place to have her kittens in.

Over time as we changed houses we developed a special room just for foster kittens. Our “Kitten Room” is stocked with toys, cat trees, blankets, several heating elements for newborns, and anything else we can think of to enhance the “kitten experience” and give these animals a better life. The care of these small, fragile little joys requires a lot of specialized food and medication and I’ve had the benefit of having many kind donations come to my P.O. box; some of these gifts coming in exactly in a litter’s time of need.

I’m continuously amazed and thankful at the responses and support I get from my Instagram community; it’s such a privilege to be able to bring more and more people in on fostering animals. I’m hoping that with this site, and the support we can get from it, we can work together towards helping the shelters and all the other animals still in need.