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The first step when we welcome any kitten into our home is a clean bath, a warm towel, a fresh bowl of food, and as much love as we can cuddle into them. Every litter of kittens is different, with each set of fresh paws that run around our home, comes the chance that some will arrive needing more intensive care than others. Newborn foster kittens do not have it easy without a nursing cat mom. During their few weeks of life their nervous systems aren’t fully developed, and without the antibodies that come naturally from a nursing cat’s milk, foster kittens are more susceptible to infections, disease, and parasites like fleas which are more often than not present on litters brought in to shelters.

Shelters are not the most ideal place for a litter of kittens to be brought up in. On account of how many animals they take in, and the limited space, it can be a high stress environment for a nursing cat. For this reason many kitten fosters work with shelters to provide clean, low-stress environments within their homes.


When we receive a litter of newborn kittens it’s all hands on deck. They need to be fed every 2-3 hours for the first 4 weeks, and without their mother to assist them, cannot eliminate waste on their own. When it comes to nursing newborns the best alternative to a mother cat’s milk is a kitten milk replacer, which needs to be hand-fed to the kittens with a bottle or syringe. If a full litter needs KMR around the clock, it can add up very quickly, and as the litter grows so too will their appetites; a litter of six can go through one can in a few short days. KMR is not usually donated to animal shelters due to its price and short expiration date, for this reason it  comes down to the kitten foster to procure it. 

Since we began fostering 4 years ago we have cared for over 129 cats, and managed to pair many of them with owners who have driven across state lines to adopt them after watching them grow up on our Instagram feed. We could never have dreamed that in posting the stories of our kittens and bringing light to the joys of fostering, that we would have helped so many cats and people alike. 


We would like to take this opportunity to do more than just raise kittens and take cute photos along the way, but do just what we set out to do from the beginning – help out the animals that truly need our love and support.

There are many different ways you can help. Below we have 2 links to either of the shelters we work with, along with our Amazon Wishlist – which we try to keep stocked of all the supplies and kitten-enrichment tools we can.

There is also our Patreon page where we aim to cultivate a community of supporters and kitten fans to better not only our kittens, but to develop future resources that can help us focus on providing aid where it is needed most.

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